therapy journeyCan I create a therapy journey on my own?
When do I need professional help?

One of the things I hear from people when they have difficulty starting in therapy is, “I know what to do so I don’t need to see a therapist right now.” I usually respond with, “I get that.” Whatever issues you may be struggling with, whether it be dealing with addictions, coping with depression or marital problems, knowledge or insight of the problem and what to do is only half the puzzle.  You wouldn’t say, I don’t need to see my chiropractor for my back problems because I know what to do. Likewise, you wouldn’t say, I know what is wrong with my molar so I can put off that dentist appointment.

Recognizing Blind Spots on Your Therapy Journey

Therapy isn’t much different in that way.  Just having the understanding of the problem and having awareness of what to do is not necessarily going to mean that you are going to do it.  The therapy that occurs when one is engaged in counseling is not comparable to self help or talking to a supportive friend.  Trained therapists are able to help you heal a variety of emotional and behavioral problems that you may not be fully aware of.  I like to look at it from the concept of driving a car and when we are ready to change lanes, we look behind us in our blind spot. Therapy is like this as it helps us to see things in our life and our behavioral patterns that we have in our blind spots.” This is typically not possible to do at home; however, within a few sessions, I find that we can help you make improvements and feel better when we get beyond understanding and into the action of taking steps towards healing and wellness.

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